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My name is Richard Tyler Epperson. I am a singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m trying out my 1st Kickstarter to ask for your help in creating my new album, “Open Book”.  This will be the 3rd independent album I’ve released. My first 2 albums, “Falling Between The Stars” & “Hourglass” were 100% funded by myself. These albums were huge milestones in my life but they were also crazy expensive to take on by myself! After playing a bunch of shows last year, I’m really excited to get back to recording new material. I’ve been writing a bunch of new songs and want to make an awesome record. The issue is that it costs around $13,000 to make the album. I have $8,000 I can put towards it but that still puts me $5,000 short. Without that extra $5,000, I won’t be able to record and create this album. So I really need your help to raise that $5,000.  There are some great incentives, anything from a few songs, all 3 albums, or a private house concert in exchange for your donation.  Kickstater works as an all or nothing fundraising system. Meaning that if we don’t get at least to the $5,000 mark, all the money will be returned and the album won’t get made. Please help me along my journey and be part of making my 3rd album, “Open Book”. Words cannot express how much this will mean to me! 

Thank you so much for your help!
Richard Tyler Epperson

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